About the Mapping System

The Community COVID 19 Map is a hybrid data management and geo-mapping system that is pre-configured for use by Local Government Units in tracking the covid-19 pandemic at the lowest community-level. This is not just a mapping system, this a system for the collection of covid-19 related data and the consolidation of these data into visual reports which are crucial in policy development and decision-making.

The system is using Ushahidi and its primary features as the core system, combined with opensource and custom-coded frameworks in map generation, data collection and use-level security features. 

These are the 3 KEY FEATURES  of this System.



How can data be collected? The Community COVID-19 Map has a Data Collection System that can be used to collect data from the field. It can be configured to work with offline data collection platforms such as SMS, Mobile App, and even via Crowdsourcing (hashtag) via Facebook, Twitter and RSS.

The reporting modules can be designed to sync with app-based forms and can be configured for multi-level user access (ie. field reporter, data encoder, data verifier). This setup will ensure integrity of data.

All reports can be setup for public or private access depending on user level credentials.

How are data sorted? Data can be sorted according to categories and sub categories, private or hidden criteria and depending on the user needs. For covid 19 cases, reports can be sorted according to standard DOH criteria: active positive, recovered, death. 

Essential data for LGU use such as Containment Cones, Isolation Centers, Supply Inventory, Hospitals, Checkpoints can be configured. All reports can be geo-tagged either through proximate location or coordinates, precision-based location. Map spots can be either clustered or unclustered. 

Reports can be sorted by date, date range, category or even by barangay-level. Reports can be downloaded in one-click or can be uploaded in bulk.


How can we use this for Contact-tracing data management? Contact tracers can report directly from the field via SMS, Mobile App or the Web Platform. Their report will automatically pop out of the admin access map interface for review, approval and verification. 

Contact tracing reports can be customized to replicate the standard paper reports or even add extra details such as tagging of reports for "Follow Up", "Urgent" and can be labelled for further Action Taken. Reports can also include photos or video evidences. 

A specific report can include geo-locations of all the places a probable our suspect individual has travelled therefore increasing the efficiency of contact tracing and identifying with ease potential containment zones.

Contact tracers and command post personnel can reduce direct person-to-person contact and therefore reduce their vulnerability of covid infection and transmission.

All reports of probable and suspect cases can be interlinked, can be labelled with private information that only command center personnel can access.

What are the types of maps the system can generate for policy and public information purposes? 

The system can generate the following types of maps:

  • Case Spot maps- Clustered or Unclustered
  • Heatmaps
  • Multi-location Maps
  • Timeline/ Pandemic Simulation Map
  • Zonal Mappings

All maps can be custom-generated according to categories, date range, case number or report title/ details.


The system can serve as a SECURE, EFFICIENT and RESPONSIVE depository of data. Because all data are stored in a Database, these information are kept securely yet can be extracted, consolidated, downloaded or printed easily with accuracy.  

The system can help LGU policymakers make key decisions according to facts from realtime system data, adopt new policies and make the necessary policy adjustments according to realtime pandemic conditions.

Information is power. Armed with a SECURE, EFFICIENT and ADAPTIVE data management  and visual mapping system, our LGU's can surely defeat the spread of covid-19.

The Southeast Asian Institute will Install and Deploy the System (and train LGU staff in system use, data entry and management) FREE OF CHARGE. Contact us for arrangements.